Presently Dromcollogher Community Enterprises Ltd. only employ people on a DSP (was known as FÁS) Community Employment Project and you will need to be eligible to participate in a CE Project and who have garda clearance.  Please go to the  (was known as FÁS)   website for more details on eligibility criteria.  Click on this to download FÁS Customer Charter.

The Recruitment Procedure, as we understand it, is as follows

1)  You will need to contact  DSP (was known as FÁS)   in Newcastle West 069 66470 to let them know you are interested in working in the Day Care and if you are eligible they will send us out a letter to inform us, that you are. 

2) Once the Sponsor has received this letter he will let me know he has been notified to say that you are eligible.

3) We interview you.  We request you supply us with a CV and a short letter or email outline why you are applying for this job.  All applicants will be interviewed.

4) If you are successful then apply for Garda Vetting, the position will be kept open until such times as the vetting process is completed.  The eligibility is also retained. 

5) We have the option to take you on to work in an area unrelated to the Day Care Centre in this case our project plan includes maintenance of the town’s amenity areas and working in the Community Garden providing support for An tIonad Glas students.

6) Once the Gardi vetting has been completed the individual then can be taken on the project.  

At time of writing this will take 5 to 6 weeks to process after which time, participants will then be taken on.

Below is more detailed information about working for Dromcollogher Comm. Enterprises Ltd..

 1) job descriptions

2) contracts 

3) Structure of Dromcollogher Community Enterprises

4) Policies and Procedures (in the process of development anti bullying procedure, click here for draft copy) 

5) Induction, values and rights of workers

6) Training information

7) The amount of leave for Participants on the CE Project is in line with present statutory limits.  Here is information from about force majeure leave, correct as of Nov'12. 

DSP/FAS Project has been running in Dromcollogher since October 1995.  It presently has 16 participants who staff the Day Care Centre Maintenance on town's amenity areas, & provide tours as requested of the Cooperative Museum and Gardeners for Community Garden.  We also provide assistance to any local Community Groups, Organisations, and individuals when requested.  We especially work with our sister organisation the Respite Care Centre.  DSP (FÁS) fund and set out guidelines for running of Community Employment Projects and their priority is to progress Participants into employment.  To achieve this goal Community Employment Participants should spend up to 50% of their time on the Project Training.  DSP (FÁS) Community Employment Projects are evaluated on the percentage of their training budget they spend, how many participants do Core Skills Training and Return to Education training.  Community Employment Projects are required to provide a comprehensive account of training.


Caring for People

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